Why did you choose to come to Malaysia for volunteering?

I chose Malaysia for 3 reason, the first one is the time schedule. At that time, I am searching for the project in my summer vacation, I have only few of country option to choose included Malaysia. I was in Korean during June and July, so the projects start from Aug. are really less. The second reason is the reality one. Malaysia is not so far from Taiwan compared to another European country, and the cost is less too. I have a tight budget because I spent so much during the trip in my past summer vacation. The third, this SPEAK UP project can make me do the thing I like which can get along with the children meanwhile share our culture to them.


What is your feeling of volunteering in Malaysia?

I really have a wonderful volunteering experience in Malaysia. I think a project cannot be complete without a well-planned process. The schedule in this project is quit clear and proper, it made us start from stranger to great partner gradually. We have job, but balanced by the rest day and border run; limitation is not so strict, but still organized. Malaysian are all so kind and passion no matter the partner in my project, the high school student, or the people I meet in Malaysia. And the most important things is that they are truly easy to cooperation and united. I always flet envy that Malaysian are so united that can complete many task or join various activity with each other. This cause me really want to spend my career in Malaysia in the future.


Any uniqueness of Malaysia makes you to choose Malaysia?

After I choose Malaysia, I have no idea with Malaysia but only know that it was a cultural diversity country. This is a great point for somebody like experience varity culture, for example Malaysia is a Islamic state, but also have Chinese and India. After I live in Malaysia for almost 2 month, Just like I mention above, Malaysian are truly easy to cooperation and united. Malaysia will definitely leave a great memory to experience here.


How do you feel after volunteering abroad?

Actually I don’t think we can change the children by only 8 months (or other goal, but here I take my project as example). How can we make them like to speak English, and improve them within such a short duration? But after I arrived, I was in touch with them, I eventually realized that them were influenced by us from the beginning of we meet each other. Maybe we cannot make them improve a lot by provided them a series of workshop. But actually we are the trigger. They may want to keep contact with us and try to learn English more, they may know that there were many kinds of job or specialties after knowing us; also, maybe they would realize that the world is much more bigger than they think, and grow their initiation to explore the world. I really figure that the volunteer is meaningful after volunteering abroad.


What's your biggest takeaway after volunteering yourself in Malaysia?

I still remember that at the beginning of the project, my EP body (the local helper)  told me “This is your trip, you have to make it as your imagination.” Actually after a short period of this project, I felt depress because my bad English ability make me cannot communicate well with others during the discussion. Also, I am looking forward to do magic performance during this exchange, but after realizing the task we have to complete in the workshop will not have many chance for me to perform. But I keep the words that my EP body told me. I gradually mixed in each other and improve my English ability to express my option and idea, meanwhile do the another project for myself and my corporation make me do magic in Malaysia. No matter where we head, I think is important to keep the original aims.


Two video links for sharing (daily life) (project:one hundred smile from Malaysia)



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